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F1: Lewis Hamilton pushes for car limitations to put an end to teams’ ‘periods of domination’

He stated that teams with superior cars can begin work on their next design earlier than competitors since they must invest less resources on the current season.

“If everyone had a time [to start on the next car], no one would have a head start, and it would be a real race,” he explained.

“Perhaps that would bring everyone closer together the following year.”

F1 has already implemented a set of restrictions geared at reducing the gap over time, including a sliding scale of R&D time that favors the weaker teams over the more successful ones.

Red Bull will face more restrictions on permissible development this year as a result of surpassing the budget cap in 2021.

Hamilton stated that such a dominance cycle was something he enjoyed with Mercedes from 2014 to 2020, emphasizing that his remarks were “not aimed at one person.”

“In my 17 years here, even before I got here, you would see periods of dominance, and it still happens,” he added.

“I was very fortunate to have one of those periods, and Max [Verstappen] is currently experiencing one.”

“If things continue as they are, it will happen again and again, and I don’t think we need that in sports.”

“When you’re 100 points ahead, you don’t really need to do a lot of development on your car so you can start working on your next car earlier.” With the budget cap in place, that means spending that year’s money on next year’s vehicle.

“Something has to change because we used to be able to start earlier than everyone else when we were winning championships.”

“It would be cool to see if we don’t have huge bands of time when one team is ahead in the next period because we want to see better racing.”

Verstappen has won six of the eight races this season, and his Red Bull Racing team has won all of them. He leads the title by 69 points coming into the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend.

“Life is also unfair,” the Dutchman observed. It’s not just in Formula One. We just have to accept it.”

“We weren’t talking about that when he was winning championships, right?” he continued. So I don’t think we should do it right now.”


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