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Fifa reports nearly 20,000 hostile social media posts during the 2022 World Cup.

According to a Fifa assessment, around 20,000 nasty social media remarks were directed towards players, coaches, and officials during last year’s World Cup.

Fifa and the players’ union Fifpro developed moderation software that scanned 20 million postings and hidden 286,895 from public view.

The most vitriol was directed at England after their quarter-final loss to France, when Harry Kane missed a late penalty.

“The figures and findings in this report are not surprising, but they are extremely concerning,” Fifpro president David Aganzo said.

“They serve as a stark reminder to everyone involved in our game, and they must result in the provision of preventative measures and solutions for players who are increasingly subjected to this type of abuse.”

According to the study, which was released on Sunday, more than 300 people have been identified, and their information will be shared with authorities “to facilitate real-world action being taken.”

According to the report, 38% of recognized abuse occurred from accounts in Europe and 36% from South America.

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Fifa, the world’s governing body of football, collaborated with Fifpro last year to establish a plan to protect players, coaches, and officials from social media abuse during international competitions.

They developed a set of technologies known as the social media protection service (SMPS), which highlighted postings and comments, with 19,636 identified as abusive, racist, or threatening during the World Cup in Qatar by the service provider.

These were reported to the appropriate social media networks and, in many cases, removed.

Sexism accounted for 13.47% of the detected abusive communications, homophobia 12.16%, and racism 10.70%.


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