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Getir, a delivery company, has reduced its employees by more than a tenth.

The Turkish company, which employs 23,000 people in markets such as the United Kingdom and Germany, said the 2,500 job cuts will increase “operational efficiency.”

It comes as a result of regulatory crackdowns in some countries, as well as increased competition from supermarkets.

In recent months, the company has left Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal.

Getir distributes groceries in cities in as little as 10 minutes from “dark stores” – city-center depositories that charge a markup on supermarket prices.

There have also been accusations that it is hurrying to acquire funds amid rumors that its UK operation may fail – claims that those close to the company have apparently refuted.

After closing a number of its storefronts, the company auctioned off equipment ranging from scooters to food delivery boxes in the UK last month. The company said it was “normal” to sell extra inventory at the time.

Getir, which employs couriers, pickers, and office workers, said the latest job cuts were undertaken “regrettably” and “with a heavy heart.”

It is unknown whether employees in the UK, one of its most important markets, will be affected. The company also has operations in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

It thrived during the Covid lockdowns, but has been harmed by consumers returning to stores, as well as countries raising competition concerns.

After regulators categorised dark storefronts as warehouses, the company and its subsidiary Gorillas shut down in France and laid off 1,300 people in July.

Its German competitor, Flink, has also left the nation.

There had been concerns about noise in dark businesses, and city planners warned that the model risked draining vitality from public spaces and creating a society of homebound customers.

Getir and others were also accused of “predatory capitalistic behavior” by the deputy mayor of Paris.


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