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Goalkeeper Andre Onana accepts responsibility for Manchester United’s defeat at Bayern Munich.

Andre Onana, the goalie for Manchester United, claims that he “let the team down” and that the reason why they lost to Bayern Munich was “me.”

In a dramatic match in Germany, Bayern was given a key lead by Onana’s blunder, which they promptly doubled after United had made a controlled start.

Following that, there was a rush of goals, but United was always chasing and finally lost 4-3.

According to Onana, “This is the life of a goalkeeper,” on TNT Sports.

“It’s challenging. We had a great start. I made a mistake, and we lost the game. We are in a bad situation, and because I let the team down, it is very difficult for me.

They didn’t create any chances, and I erred on their first shot at goal because we were really good with the ball. The squad lost as a result of the error because it was the crucial point.

“I’m to blame if we didn’t win today.

“I must grow from it and persevere. I have much to demonstrate. My introduction to Manchester hasn’t gone as well as I’d hoped. One of my worst games was this one.

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Kane scores for Bayern as Man Utd suffers another defeat.
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Rio Ferdinand, a former United defender, concurred with Onana’s judgment that the error was important to the outcome of the match while commentating on TNT.

All responsibility for achieving that goal rests with him, he declared. “The saving was simple to make. It’s not a difficult shot to handle. He would anticipate making that save.

“It perfectly captures Manchester United this year. They could have made it harder for the opponent to score most of the goals they’ve given up this season. He hasn’t dealt with a significant situation there.

Onana helped Inter Milan advance to the Champions League final the previous season before joining United in the summer for £47.2 million.

The Cameroonian international, though, has occasionally struggled in front of a fragile defense, allowing 14 goals in six appearances across all competitions.

They have now dropped each of the last three games and four of those six overall this season.

“The team is everything,”
While Onana’s mistake was expensive, he nevertheless made five saves on Wednesday to keep Bayern from dominating the game.

Erik ten Hag, the manager, insisted that there was a shared accountability for the outcome and wouldn’t allow his goalkeeper bear sole responsibility for the defeat.

When informed of Onana’s remarks, Ten Hag replied, “It’s good he’s doing that but it’s about the team.” “Mistakes are made, but you must recover as a team.

The game is over if one participant commits a mistake. As a team, we have to have confidence that we can always recover. It was presented tonight.

“Remain in the game and prevent the opposition from scoring. It’s not about a single error. For the player to have the shot, it was far too simple.

Ten Hag may draw several positives from the game, most notably the manner they twice rallied to win the match and give themselves a chance. But United’s weakness was their downfall.

The Dutchman stated, “[We are] unhappy because we should have stayed in the game. “You have to accept a point if you score three goals against Bayern Munich.

“We are in a time when many things are working against us. We must create our own good fortune. In our last three games, we’ve faced excellent opponents.


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