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Jason Derulo was sued by a fellow singer for sexual harassment.

Jason Derulo of the United States has been accused of sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed by an artist connected to his record label.

Emaza Gibson, who was promised a singing contract with Derulo’s label, is now suing him, claiming that he terminated their professional connection when she refused his sexual advances.

Ms Gibson told NBC News that the encounter had “traumatized” her.

Derulo has refuted the allegations, describing them as “completely false and hurtful.”

Ms Gibson, 25, filed a complaint against Derulo, 34, in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, alleging that he “maliciously” promised her success but then denied her the opportunity.

Among other things, she claims quid pro quo sexual harassment, violation of contract, intimidation and violence.

“I’m at this point in my life right now, and it’s very heart-breaking,” she told NBC News on Wednesday. “I’m anxious and traumatized.” I’ve had to deal with harsh working conditions.

“I’m at this point where I’m back to zero and I have nothing.”

According to court filings, Ms Gibson was offered a deal with Derulo’s label Future History in August 2021, and they began working together that November.

She claims, however, that the singer continuously pushed her to socialize with him and that there was a “explicit demand for sex-in-exchange-for-success.”

On one occasion, he allegedly warned her she would be forced to participate in a sex ceremony known as “goat skin and fish scales,” which involves the sacrifice of a goat and the consumption of cocaine. Ms Gibson also alleges she was given “excessively large amounts of alcohol.”

Derulo’s “behavior toward this young artist was despicable,” according to her lawyer, Ron Zambrano.



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