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Johnson warns against a’mutilated’ rail link for HS2.

He dismissed demands that the high-speed train link, which began construction during his tenure, be pared back as “Treasury-driven nonsense.”

The government refused to guarantee the continuation of HS2 between Birmingham and Manchester last week.

It comes as more than 80 companies and business leaders demand clarification on HS2’s promise.

They voiced “deep concern” in a letter to the government over “the constant uncertainty” that “plagues” the project.

A government official, however, stated on Friday that “our focus remains on delivering” HS2.

The government has refused to commit to the Manchester segment of the HS2 project.
The watchdog has classified HS2 as ‘unachievable.’
Mr Johnson’s government gave the go-ahead for HS2, which will connect London, the Midlands, and the north of England, to begin building in 2020.

The first portion of HS2 between west London and Birmingham is currently under development, and £2.3 billion has already been invested in the next parts, which include acquiring land and property.

However, the program has already seen delays, cost hikes, and cuts, notably the proposed eastern link between Birmingham and Leeds.

On Thursday, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt stated that discussions between him and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak were to be expected when “major infrastructure projects overrun in their costs,” but that no decisions had been taken.

Mr Johnson claims that “desperate truncations” would result in no short-term savings and would “make no difference to the case for tax cuts.”

He went on to say that announcing all of this so close to a party conference in Manchester would be “the height of insanity.”

“It makes no sense at all to deliver a mutilated HS2,” the former prime minister remarked, adding that the rail link in the north of England was “necessary.”


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