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New Zealand vs. England: A youthful England team wins 55-54.

In the first game of the Taini Jamison Trophy, England held on for a stunning 55-54 victory over New Zealand.

Sasha Glasgow, the match’s MVP, scored 38 goals from 41 tries on her England debut.

She was one of four Roses debutants in a team headed by technical coach Liana Leota that faced the world’s second-ranked side in Christchurch.

“I’m so proud of us,” England captain Halimat Adio stated on Sky Sports.

“We applied everything we’d learned in practice on the court.” We appeared to be quite close in general, and I’m just overjoyed.”

In a close game, England dominated the second quarter before holding off late pressure.

The game versus New Zealand was the first of a three-match series.

As players and staff take a break, none of the Roses group that took part in the historic World Cup victory in Cape Town appeared.

England head coach Jess Thirlby is in attendance for the series but is only playing a supporting role for Leota.

The next game in the series will take place on September 27th at Porirua.


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