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Real Madrid reports racist abuse incident to prosecutors as a hate crime, according to Vinicius Jr.

According to the club, the latest episode of racist abuse directed towards Real Madrid striker Vinicius Jr has been registered to the Spanish prosecutor’s office as a hate crime.

Real Madrid’s La Liga match against Valencia was called off in the second half when an enraged Vinicius reported opposition fans to the referee.

Following the game, in which the 22-year-old Brazilian international was later sent out for belligerent behavior, he stated, “La Liga belongs to racists.”

Real Madrid said in a statement on Monday that it “considers such attacks to be a hate crime.”

Prosecutors in Spain will now decide whether to open a criminal inquiry.

“Real Madrid expresses its deepest disgust and condemns the events that occurred yesterday against our player Vinicius Junior,” the club declared.

“These facts constitute a direct attack on the coexistence model of our social and democratic state of law.”

Vinicius has been the recipient of racial comments on several occasions this season.

In a statement, La Liga said it would investigate and take “appropriate legal action” if a hate crime was discovered, and urged people to submit any relevant evidence.

Valencia stated the police “identified a fan who made racist gestures” and that the “club is also working with the police to confirm the identity of any other potential offenders.”

“Valencia CF has opened a disciplinary case, will apply the maximum level of severity, including a lifetime stadium ban against the fans involved, and is working closely with the authorities,” the club noted.

Vinicius Jr’s abuse demonstrates that things must change – Balague
Vinicius and Tebas have a Twitter feud.
Vinicius wrote on social media after the game, “The championship that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Messi now belongs to racists.”

He then communicated with La Liga president Javier Tebas.

Tebas claimed on Twitter that Vinicius failed to appear for a meeting to discuss what it “can do in cases of racism” twice.

“Before you criticize and slander La Liga, you need to be properly informed,” Tebas remarked.

Vinicius slammed the post for focusing on him rather than the “racists,” saying he wanted La Liga to take “actions and punishments.”

Tebas then responded, “It is very unfair to say that Spain or La Liga are racist.”

“This season, we have reported nine instances of racist insults (eight of which were directed at Vinicius).” We always identify the thugs who are guilty and file complaints with the appropriate authorities who have the authority to punish them. Regardless of how few they are, our efforts are unwavering.”

“We cannot allow the reputation of a competition that is above all a symbol of community unity, where over 200 black players from 42 clubs are welcomed with respect and love by fans every week, to be tarnished,” he continued.

“Cases of racism are extremely rare (nine reports), and we are committed to eliminating them entirely.”



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