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Sacha Baron Cohen is planning a tour with Ali G.

Sacha Baron Cohen is preparing a new stand-up tour including Ali G, the iconic parody mobster who rose to fame 25 years ago.

Ali G rose to prominence in the early 2000s as a result of his prank interviews with unsuspecting experts on his TV show.

He then went on to star in his own film and has made sporadic appearances in recent years.

According to Variety, Baron Cohen has been working on a stand-up tour that will include Ali G.

The news has been confirmed by BBC News, but no other information about the tour has been released.

Ali G was brought back by Baron Cohen in 2021 for a sketch at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and a one-off routine at a Sydney comedy club.

“I just wanted to get on stage and muck around and see what Ali G would be like with a crowd,” the comic later explained to GQ. “It was really good fun.”

In the beginning, Ali G earned laughs by duping a variety of interviewees into going along with his identity, while simultaneously lampooning white suburbanites who acted as urban kids.

Some, however, interpreted the gesture as appropriating and mocking black street culture.

Baron Cohen, now 51, achieved notoriety by pulling pranks akin to his Kazakh reporter Borat, as well as the flamboyant Austrian fashionista Bruno.


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