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Sarah Lancashire claims that ‘awful menopause’ is affecting her memory.

During last week’s National Television Awards (NTAs), the star of BBC crime show Happy Valley admitted to experiencing hot flushes.

She told the Mail on Sunday that she needed two fans “pretty much on my face the whole time” to keep her cool during the event.

In Happy Valley, Lancashire, 58, plays Sergeant Catherine Cawood.

At the NTAs, she received the prize for best drama performance as well as the special appreciation award, which was delivered by Sir Ian McKellen.

She mentioned brain fog and a recent shopping trip where she forgot what she had gone out to get.

“I was in Sainsbury’s the other day and found myself just standing there in the aisle not remembering why I was there,” she explained.

“It simply comes over you out of nowhere. “I, too, can’t recall events from 30 years ago.”

During the NTAs, the actress claimed she tried to disguise her cooling tactics inside the O2 Arena.

“I brought one of my closest friends with me, and his job was to keep an eye out for the cameras, and if it looked like they were going to pan across to us, then he’d let me know so I could hide (the fans),” she explained.

Lancashire stated that she was utilizing hormone replacement treatment (HRT) to alleviate menopausal symptoms.

“I’m on the gel, but it’s not working for me, so I might try the patches next,” she explained.

What what is menopause, and what are the symptoms?
The actress has previously discussed her battle with depression.

Lancashire told the Daily Mail in 2016 that her 20s had been a “write-off” because she had gone through good and horrible times.


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