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The Israel Gaza: Father of kidnapped children says children must be off limits

It shows his two young daughters curled up on a bed. Happy Birthday is being sung by them.

The oldest, Raz, is only four years old and has long, fair hair. Aviv, her darker-skinned sister, is only two years old.

Yoni tells me, “They made this for my birthday in July.”

However, the 37-year-old husband and father is alone at home after four months.

They were apprehended on October 7th, along with their mother Doron, during Hamas’s historic cross-border operation. Of the 240 hostages being held in Gaza, they are believed to be some of the youngest.

“They had been visiting their grandma for the holidays in Nir Oz,” Yoni recounts.

Gaza is barely two miles away from the Israeli kibbutz. It was among the most severely impacted communities.


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