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The Scottish FA has written to Uefa to ask about the VAR decision in their loss to Spain.

The Scottish FA is writing to Uefa to ask for more information about the goal that was called off for Scotland in their 2-0 loss to Spain.

After scoring a beautiful free kick in Seville, Scott McTominay thought his team had taken the lead.

On the other hand, Dutch judge Serdar Gozubuyuk said it wasn’t possible after a VAR check.

On the big screen inside the stadium, it looked like there was a foul on goalie Unai Simon, but it turned out that Jack Hendry was offside.

Because he was so close to Simon, the Scotland defender was seen as getting in the way of the game.

“The ref changed his mind,” Scotland said, blaming the VAR chaos.
After Scotland dropped their first points in Euro 2024 qualifying, head coach Steve Clarke said he wanted to forget about it, but the SFA wants to know how the choice was made.

John McGinn, a midfielder, said Gozubuyuk had first said he thought there was a foul.

The player for Aston Villa told BBC Scotland, “The referee says it’s a foul.” He changes his mind during the game and now says it’s an offside. Not sure if that makes sense. That’s the thing that really hurts.

“This is our big chance, and we score.” Jack’s right leg is out of bounds, but it’s a very strong call.


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