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Two officers were hurt in a blast outside the Interior Ministry in Turkey.

According to Ali Yerlikaya, two attackers arrived in a car about 09:30 (06:30 GMT) and carried out the attack, injuring two officers.

According to Mr. Yerlikaya, one attacker blew himself up in front of a government building, and another was “neutralized.”

The blast occurred just hours before parliament was scheduled to meet.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the incident, and it is unclear who is to blame.

To distract security, one of the assailants left the car and tossed a small explosive at the ministry building.

The second assailant then opened fire on guards near the ministry gate before detonating a device, killing the attacker.

Meanwhile, the first suspect raced into the property and was shot dead by police inside the building.

Two police officers were hurt. One person was shot in the chest, and another sustained injuries to both legs and an eye.

According to Mr. Yerlikaya, none of the injuries were life-threatening.

“Our fight will continue until the last terrorist is eliminated,” the minister said on social media.

According to Reuters, the terrorists stole the truck and killed its driver in Kayseri, 260 kilometers (161 miles) south-east of Ankara.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the attack as “the final flutters of terrorism” in his opening statement to parliament.


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