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Danny Robins: Paranormal activity can provide comfort to folks.

Robins, like his popular BBC podcast of the same name, investigates terrifying accounts of those who believe they’ve encountered a ghost.

“It’s people who in many cases hadn’t told anybody before, sometimes not even their own partner – and kept this experience buried,” he told BBC News.

They share “life-changing moments, where they felt more frightened than they ever have” .

Robins always begins his shows with a person and their ghostly encounter.

“I’m very careful not to dismiss any story, because even if I feel I can explain it, it meant something to the person,” he continues.

“What sets my pulse racing is when somebody says to me, ‘I don’t believe in ghosts, but I think I’ve seen one’.”

He then investigates their tale, building it up before presenting it to specialists and contributors, who offer rational or paranormal interpretations, depending on their point of view.


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