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Legia Warsaw: Poland’s Prime Minister seeks ‘immediate diplomatic action’ after two players were arrested following a Conference League match against AZ Alkmaar.

After an altercation with security, Radovan Pankov and Josue Pesqueira were hauled from the team bus by Dutch police and remain in the Netherlands.

“I have instructed the Polish foreign ministry to take urgent diplomatic action to verify the events of the night,” Morawiecki said in a statement.

“Polish players and fans must be treated fairly under the law.” There is no agreement to break it.”

Legia president Dariusz Mioduski claims he was assaulted while attempting to mediate, and that police refused to allow the squad bus leave the stadium until Portuguese player Josue and Serbian defender Pankov were jailed.

A 28-year-old male from Serbia and a 33-year-old guy from Portugal were arrested after the game on suspicion of mishandling, according to Dutch police.

“Lawyers are working to collect all of the materials,” Mioduski said during a news conference on Friday. Every opportunity to defend the players and the club will be taken.

“What transpired stunned the team. Everyone is concerned about their coworkers.”

Mioduski also stated that Uefa, Europe’s governing body, was seeking to obtain the players’ release.

Before kickoff, riot police were called in when a number of Legia fans rushed an access gate.

“During that action, one riot police officer went unconscious.” “This colleague was unable to continue working after treatment,” according to a Dutch police statement.

“Tear gas was used to protect their own and the stewards’ safety.” Legia fans also stole batons and pepper spray from riot police. As a result, several away fans entered the visitors’ section without a ticket or had their tickets examined.”


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