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Olympic Games: Teahupo’o surf event is a commitment made by the Paris 2024 organizers

Teahupo’o, 9,500 miles from Paris, is known for having some of the world’s best surfing waves.

However, locals on the island in the Pacific claim that building an aluminum tower would harm the coral reef.

According to organizers of Paris 2024, “our ambition has remained unchanged,” BBC Sport was informed.

“We are studying every possible scenario to enable the surfing competitions to take place on this site, which we want to preserve, respect and enhance for the Games.”

The best surfers in the world describe Teahupo’o as a unique and thrilling place that offers one of the toughest tests in the sport.

With a mountainous backdrop, the South Pacific location has long been the site of professional World Surf League competitions.


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