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Outsider on the far right Milei is the winner of Argentina’s presidential run-off election.

Mr Milei’s opponent, Economy Minister Sergio Massa, urged him to resign.

Former US President Donald Trump congratulated Mr Milei on his victory and promised to “Make Argentina Great Again!”

Argentina’s election comes at a tough time, with growing inflation and an economy in crisis on people’s minds.

Mr Milei’s suggestions, which included detonating the central bank, were well received by voters eager for change.

He surprised pollsters by easily defeating the governing Peronists’ candidate by more than ten points.

With approximately 90% of votes recorded, Mr Milei received roughly 56% of the vote, compared to 44% for Mr Massa.

Argentina’s uncertain future requires radical political transformation.
“Clearly, the outcomes were not what we expected. “I contacted Javier Milei to express my congratulations,” Mr Massa said.

“From tomorrow the responsibility of providing certainty belongs to Milei.”

Argentines vote in run-off between polar opposites Chainsaw-wielding TikTok star leads polls in Argentina
It was a close fight to the very end, but the former pundit, who once carried a chainsaw on the campaign trail, came out on top.

Javier Milei, who has been compared to former US President Donald Trump and ex-Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, is untested.

But this was part of his allure.

His fans applauded when he mentioned making the US dollar the country’s official currency. Many economists, however, predict financial disaster.

Regardless, in a country where yearly inflation is now over 140% and two out of every five people live in poverty, his victory demonstrates that Argentinians are tired of traditional politics and economic devastation.

His win indicates that they are willing to try something new in order to improve their lives.



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