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The soundtrack to the Barbie film smashes the UK singles chart record.

Since the pink-tinged blockbuster’s debut one week ago, tracks by Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and Nicki Minaj have raced right into the top five.

They weren’t the only songs from the star-studded album to reach the top of the charts.

Anywhere else, Ryan Gosling would be a top 10, but with his ballad at number 25, he provided some Kenergy. My name is Ken.

According to the Official Singles Chart, this is the first time three soundtrack tracks have reached the top five at the same time.

And they claim it achieved history by having six tunes in the top 40:

  • What Was I Made For, Billie Eilish – number three
  • Dance The Night Away, Dua Lipa – number four
  • Barbie World, Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice – number five
  • Speed Drive, Charlie XCX – number 19
  • I’m Just Ken, Ryan Gosling – number 25
  • Pink, Lizzo – number 39

Some of pop’s biggest artists contributed to the soundtrack’s pink, sparkly classics, and you’d think that assembling such a flashy lineup would be difficult.

However, the film’s music supervisor, George Drakoulias, tells BBC Newsbeat that you’d be mistaken.

“Nobody said no,” he explains. “Everyone was very excited.”

This includes two of George’s top picks, Nicki Minaj and Lizzo, as well as legendary composer and producer Mark Ronson.

“Hey Barbie?” George believes he enticed Mark to join the initiative with a simple text message.

“He called me right back, and we sent him a script,” George explains. “That started the ball rolling.”

Mark ended up curating the soundtrack, writing the score, and collaborating with Dua Lipa on the film’s final song, Dance the Night Away.

The soundtrack was also used extensively in Barbie’s major marketing push.


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